Saturday, August 14, 2010

Back from our summer travels

Greetings- we are back from our summer travels. Check out our new pictures in the photo album!
First we spent four weeks in Germany. We stayed mainly in Dresden and were happy to visit with family and friends. It is great to reconnect every summer - and to catch up on some rock climbing and to see a couple of operas, things we can't do in Rolla.
We traveled to the Harz mountains for a few days, hiked, climbed and looked at medieval cities and Romanesque churches -such as St. Cyriakus in Gernrode:

After a short break at home we took off for the West. Work for Thomas, vacation/"Summer school" for the kids and Agnes. We spent one week in Santa Fe where Thomas attended a conference. We explored the museums and the hiking trails in the mountains.
From Santa Fe, we drove to California, camping en route. We got to see Mesa Verde National Park and Natural Bridges.

We stayed four weeks in Santa Barbara - Thomas had a workshop - and enjoyed the beach, the mountains and more rock climbing. On the drive back we visited Cedar Breaks, Black Canyon of the Gunnison, and Fossil Beds N.M.

We returned to Rolla full of new impressions and experiences - and definitely ready to be back home. It's a BIG country, we drove 5,000 miles (that's about 8000km) and don't think we'll be up for any long drives soon.
School for the kids starts next Monday, we have many new books and are excited. Classes at the university begin a week later.

I hope you all had a great summer!